The Elusive Tarot of the Golden Dawn – A Small Part of a Solution

  In his introduction to The Golden Dawn Companion Dr. R.A. Gilbert states, “Much remains to be discovered about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and many questions concerning the minutiae of its history… remain to be answered.” Nearly thirty years have passed since this observation was made and yet, despite many exciting discoveries… read more »

How to perform a Tarot contemplation ritual. by VH Soror UOFS

  The first thing one usually thinks of when imagining performing a meditation is that one should close their eyes.  However, for this type of exercise, it is suggested that you keep your eyes open. In this exercise, you will meditate on a tarot card of your choosing.  To familiarize yourself with your tarot deck,… read more »

Tarot Meditation: The Lovers

The Lovers You have been lonely. In places where others embrace warmly, you have felt the cold. At times another person’s eyes have met your own. Yet the glance was not trusting. There was no sharing of life. From the dark a soft touch comes. Warmth radiates an aura like the scent of a rose…. read more »

Tarot Meditation: The Hierophant

The Heirophant In the crudely shaped world of the Emperor’s dominions, song is heard. Once the winds of thought sent dust clouds flying across a land half formed. Now shapes appear and voices call. The fiery air has burned earth to clay and shaped the clay. The world has added features to its planes and… read more »

Tarot Meditation: The Emperor

The Emperor The Empress gives birth to forms and ideas. The Emperor shapes and chooses. Thoughts of Empress sing around the Emperor like wind around a great stone. Wind shapes stone and stone gives voice to wind. A soft and slender hand is gently held by a rough and battered hand. Look at the picture… read more »

Tarot Meditation: The Empress

The Empress You have chosen The Empress, the third card of the major arcana of the Tarot. This guided visualization enables you to focus on your creativity, and to express that creativity with greater abundance and prosperity in the world. The Fool’s earthly mother, The Empress, represents the matriarchal figure. She is serene and confident,… read more »

Tarot Meditation: The High Priestess

The High Priestess You have chosen The High Priestess, the second major arcana card of the Tarot. This guided visualization will help to deepen your trust in your own intuitiveness and insightfulness. In his journey The Fool meets The High Priestess whom he looks upon as his spiritual mother. She is receptive to anyone who… read more »

Tarot Meditation: The Magician

The Magician You have chosen The Magician, the first card in the major arcana of the Tarot. This visualization guides you in deepening your connection to your creativity, and your ability to manifest in this world. The first person that The Fool encounters on his journey is the Magician. The Magician is the archetype of… read more »

Tarot Meditation: The Fool

The Fool The Fool embodies whirling wind blowing between worlds. The Fool is pure existence, without substance or form. This spirit falls into the abyss of mortality. This spirit becomes all that is, seems locked into form. Yet this one being rises freely back to the silence of formlessness. The wandering Fool is like a… read more »