How to perform a Tarot contemplation ritual. by VH Soror UOFS


The first thing one usually thinks of when imagining performing a meditation is that one should close their eyes.  However, for this type of exercise, it is suggested that you keep your eyes open.

In this exercise, you will meditate on a tarot card of your choosing.  To familiarize yourself with your tarot deck, begin focusing on the Major Arcana first before jumping into the suits of the Minor Arcana.  This is particularly true if you are new to working with a tarot deck and new to performing divination work.  The Major Arcana is the story of The Fool’s Journey through Life.  The Path traveled by The Fool presents various challenges and obstacles that, when overcome, form the Big Picture experience that expands The Fool’s knowledge, understanding and success.  The Minor Arcana describes specific details that accompany the many choices and decisions that shape the quality of The Fool’s life experiences.


As a ceremonial magician, the Tarot is utilized as a divinatory magical tool. Therefore, whenever the tarot is to be used, it is necessary to (1) perform your personal banishings; (2) perform the Relaxation Ritual; (3) recite a prayer for guidance by one’s Guardian Angel, and then (4) begin working with your tarot deck.  If you want to light a white candle and/or burn incense, such as frankincense, benzoin and the like, do it and be consistent about it.  These preparatory steps are mandatory to ensure clairsentient focus and accurate readings.

To begin this daily exercise, choose a tarot card to study in detail.  Begin with a contemplation of The Fool card.  The next day, focus on The Magician card, and continue each day focusing on the next card in order in the Major Arcana.

Place the tarot card selected as a focal point on your personal altar, or affix it to a blank spot on your wall.  For best results, while looking to the picture you should not have anything distracting in your field of view.  Use a simple colored wall or table, or a simple colored piece of cloth to put behind the image. Of course, after some training you will be able to keep your concentration regardless of the background.  Seat yourself in front of the card.  From your relaxed sitting position, you ought to be able to effortlessly focus at the center of the tarot card.

Now, sit comfortably and relax your body and mind by taking some deep breathes. For this step, you can close your eyes if you prefer, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Let them stay open, but keep them unfocused. You are not interested in what’s happening around you. Not even in the picture in front of you. Your only interest is your breathing.

When you are ready, focus your eyes at the center of the card’s image; relax and breathe normally.  Some feelings and thoughts might begin entering your sphere of sensation.  Take notice of them, but do not dwell in them.  Observe as if you are perceiving the feelings and thoughts of someone else. Your main interest is your relaxed breathing.  When and if your eyes want to move around the image, let them do so; allow your eyes to examine the details of the card’s image.  Notice the central image of the card:  symbols, colors, hints of planetary, astrological and/or Hebraic correspondences. Keep your head motionless, focus on your breathing and trust your eyes.

Contemplate on the images, symbols and colors for as long as you want, but for Neophytes, fifteen (15) minutes is the minimum time.  Whenever you want to terminate your meditation, just let your eyes close and relax.  After a minute, open your eyes and immediately write down your observations and impressions.  Also, state in your journal what picture or image you have used.

After several sessions, go back and read your journal. You might find the details you have noted to be informative about how you view the things that impact you, including how you view yourself.  In this way your readings will become more clear and detailed.  You will also build confidence in reading your tarot cards, if only out of sheer familiarity from your daily workings.

You may also use this method to help your connection with your favorite deity or being.  Use the correlations between the symbols and colors used to make corresponding relationships to archetypal figures, then meditate on the being’s image.  Is there a person you admire and you want to become like him or her?  Use their image to meditate on it.  It does not matter if these persons are dead, alive or even imaginary.  It does not matter if the being or person actually possesses the qualities you think apply.  What matters is what feelings are conjured by this exercise.

The key to perfecting your proficiency at tarot divinations is this tarot contemplation exercise.  With persistence, you ought to create and build an intimate relationship between you and your chosen tarot deck, and more importantly, visionary accuracy whenever you work with the tarot.


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