Tarot Meditation: The Empress

The Empress

You have chosen The Empress, the third card of the major arcana of the Tarot. This guided visualization enables you to focus on your creativity, and to express that creativity with greater abundance and prosperity in the world.

The Fools earthly mother, The Empress, represents the matriarchal figure. She is serene and confident, sensuous and beautiful. She is powerful and creative, nurturing and compassionate. She is the feminine counterpart of The Emperor.

The Empress symbolizes the archetypes of abundance, creativity, compassion, sensual awareness, and pleasure. The Empress signifies being in harmony with the natural world as well as enjoying the pleasures of life, and feeling good about life.


Look closely at the imagery of The Empress before you begin the guided meditation.

This guided visualization begins again with creating your own Peaceful Sanctuary. This is a place you can always come to, to find peace and calm in your life. You are welcomed into the embrace of The Empress as you relax and enter the world of the feminine archetype.

The Empress is a soft breeze issuing from the calm of the High Priestess. She is the light of the sun vitalizing growing things. She is the dance of inspiration; her touch is the life of the world. When pain burns and fear threatens, the Mother Empress balms and protects.

Look at the picture on the Empress card. Let your eyes see the bright sky of the morning. Listen to the sound of falling water. Feel the softness of the wind that stirs tall trees in rustling imitation of a waterfall. Feel the solid coolness of stone beneath you. Enjoy the warm garden of the Empress.

Close your eyes but hold the images and feelings of the Empress card close about you. Your are in a great forest of ancient trees. It’s the kind of place people sometimes fear to enter, yet you are at home. The air is refreshing. There are sounds of leaves brushing leaves, of water flowing, of branches moving at the caress of the cool and fragrant air. A great Tree is close to you. From the Tree a presence seems to grow. There is a vast invisible being dwelling in the tree. A breeze moves past the Tree to stir your hair. Mother blesses you.

And still with your eyes gently closed, visualize yourself now walking down a path leading to your peaceful sanctuary. Imagine yourself looking down at the path as you imagine yourself walking along it … what sort of path is it? Is it a rough path, or a smooth path? What is the path made out of? As you continue to walk, look into the distance and see before you your peaceful sanctuary. Imagine what this peaceful sanctuary is like for you … it could be a warm cozy room … it could be some special place in nature that you love, like the beach, the forest, a lake or some other place. Hold that image of what you’d really like to be in in your mind. This is the place that you can always come to, this peaceful sanctuary … it’s a place where you can relax … where you can experience peace and calm, a place where you are always safe and protected.

As you enter your own special haven, look about you and acquaint yourself with your surroundings. What do you see here? Touch the things that you feel attracted to and that you love about this place. What scents and aromas can you smell that are uplifting to your senses in this special place. Listen to the sounds that are unique to your wonderous peaceful sanctuary. What are they?

See before you a special place a seat that you can sink into and feel cozy and relaxed. This can be any kind of seat in which you can sit with comfort and safety. Go now to your special seat and make yourself comfortable there.

Now, let your thoughts float back in time, or to a time in your life when you were imbued with creative self-expression. It may be the recent past, or it may have been a time in your childhood. It could be something that you were making or doing that gave you a feeling of well-being and joy. Take yourself now back to that time when your being was filled with that excitement as you immersed yourself in that creativity. Keep on recording what you were doing creatively.

Let the memories and the feelings be there in your body again. Remember your aliveness, your exuberance and your delight in your creative pursuit.

Use all your senses to create that time … your sight, your hearing … how you touched, smelled or tasted what you were creating. There may be good feelings in your body and, if so, hold those good feelings in your body now. If there are not, the memories themselves will be exciting your aliveness from a very deep cellular memory.

Keep on allowing the wonder and awe of your creativity to be with you again.

Take in a long, slow deep breath, breathing the breath all the way down through your body, breathing in the excitement of creativity. And, as you breathe out, hold and embrace those good feelings in your body, and continue to breathe naturally.

Recall now the vision of the Empress, for she has entered your life as a symbol of creation. Visualize her in the tarot card sitting resplendent on a throne, her gown of pomegranates flowing down to the ground. In her hand, she holds a scepter symbolizing her power. Upon her head is a starry crown representing the twelve months of the year over which she presides.

The Empress is the symbol of the Great Mother who is pecunious and abundant. She is the Creator and Nurturer of life, whether it is in pregnancy or as she is depicted in the tarot card, surrounded by earthly gifts of crops, and trees, and water. Not only does The Empress symbolize procreative power, she is also a potent psychic bond to your own creative process.

Visualize now something that you would like to be engaged in creating. It could well be a child, the creation of life … or it may be a yearning to create something that you have wanted to do for a long, long time. Perhaps you have a desire to build something … perhaps you have the desire to make something … it could be to paint, to dance, to make music, to have a relationship, or something else. You may well be very clear about what you want to do, but then again, it may not be so easy for you because your creativity may have been stifled years ago. It may not have been given the fertile ground in which to grow and flourish and blossom … and deep within you lies boundless creativity waiting to awaken.

Whatever it is that you feel drawn to do, that your soul cries out to be fulfilled in some way … allow that image to come alive within you now.

Now, take in a long slow deep breath drawing in creative inspiration … and as you slowly breathe out, retain that inspiration within your whole being … and continue to breathe naturally.

When The Empress appears, she may be triggering in you a response to begin to realize your dreams, to no longer allow them to lie dormant. With her energy and her presence in your life, you can channel your creativity, explore its diversity and breadth.

Allow yourself now to make a commitment to your creative self-expression so that you can bring that into fruition.

Bathe in your creative dream and set into motion your intention to bring your ideas to living reality and manifestation now. Give yourself a little time to let your creation to unfold within you now.

Taking in a deep breath, breathing in the awe and wonder of your creativity … and as you breathe out, relax into a space of fulfillment and accomplishment … and continue to breathe naturally. Breathing naturally, see your creation unfolding before you, as if it has already happened.

As you awaken to your creativity more and more, create beauty, delight and joy in your surroundings and environment. Love, honor and respect the Great Mother by loving, honoring and respecting the Earth. Take time to be in nature, absorbing the peacefulness and tranquility that nature offers you.

Taking in another long, slow deep breath, breathing in the fullness of creation and you a part of it … and as you breathe out, deepen more and more into your own creative fullness … and continue to breathe naturally.

The presence of The Empress in your life may bring greater prosperity. This welcomed tarot card indicates creation, or birth of a creative project; domestic bliss; romance, and success in business.

Holding the image of The Empress in your mind, breathe in the archetypal qualities of this powerful woman … and as you breathe out, hold those qualities of prosperity, abundance and creativity as you go about your daily life … and continue to breathe naturally.

It is now time to leave your peaceful sanctuary. Visualize yourself now standing and exiting your safe place, and being back on the path once more. And walking back along the path, knowing you can come back here any time that you wish …


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