Tarot Meditation: The Lovers

The Lovers

You have been lonely. In places where others embrace warmly, you have felt the cold. At times another person’s eyes have met your own. Yet the glance was not trusting. There was no sharing of life. From the dark a soft touch comes. Warmth radiates an aura like the scent of a rose. A blessing upon two minds that are as one. A joy in loving and being loved.

Look at the card of the Lovers. The man is as a flame that knows only light and passion. The woman is the bright taste of sweet fruit on a spring day. The Angel is their union. Close your eyes and fantasize.

This will reach inside and beyond, to a lover not of the earth. Let the things of this world be at peace. Obligations of the day, hour and year are satisfied. Say these things aloud or in your mind as you wish. Let the images that accompany them rest in your mind — or see what your mind gives you. (10). I have not done anything wrongly or incompletely. Imagine a clean house or an orderly place. (9). I have not dreamed in fear or imagined in shame. Warmth spreads through you. (8). I have not planned anything harmful. A golden light fills you. (7). I have not desired to hurt anyone. The golden light spreads about you. (6). I have not turned away a friend. Happiness fills you. (5). I have not feared. A presence comes near you. (4). I have not closed. A golden veil shimmers before you. You may pass beyond it to the beloved. Zain Hay Resh When you wish, return to this place.


And now sitting in your preferred meditation posture, allow your eyes to close gently … place your hands in your lap in line with your lower abdomen. Hold your hands together with the back of your right hand resting in the palm of your left hand, with your thumbs gently touching. Have the hint of a smile on your face.

Now, take in a long deep breath, breathing the breath all the way down into your belly … and as you breathe more, come into your center of calm … Breathing freely and easily, just being aware of the breath as it comes and as it goes … Just allowing the breath to soften and deepen your whole body … allowing the breath to center you and bring you into receiving the gifts of the Emperor that are there for you.

With your eyes gently closed, visualize yourself now following the path. Imagine looking down on the path on which you’re walking … feeling the path underneath your feet. Is the path a rough path or a smooth path on which you are walking towards your peaceful sanctuary?

Now, see before you your peaceful sanctuary. It could be a warm cozy room … it could be some special place in nature that you love … like the beach, a lake or the forest, or some other place. This is a place that you can always come to where you can relax …. where you can experience peace and calm … a place where you always feel safe and protected.

Enter now into your own special haven and look around you to acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Touch the things that you feel attracted to and that you love here. Smell the scents and aromas that can only be experienced in this place. Listen to the sounds that are unique to your wondrous place.

See before you a special place a seat that you can sink into and feel cozy and relaxed. This can be any kind of seat in which you can sit with comfort and safety. Go now to your special seat and make yourself comfortable there.

Counting backwards now into an even deeper state of relaxation … knowing that you are in control at all times … feeling so relaxed, so very very relaxed in your peaceful sanctuary.

Continuing to breathe naturally, breathing to your own rhythm, just being aware of the breath … as you breathe in and breathe out … still with your eyes gently closed, allowing any images in your mind to fade away.

Visualize again the image of The Lovers tarot card with its rich symbolism. In the card, the Sun is brilliant and directly overhead, symbolizing that the fullness of radiant light is available. There is a wind figure looking down benevolently, her hands held above each of their heads as if in blessing. These lovers are depicted as Adam and Eve … behind Adam is the Tree of Life, and behind Eve is the Tree of Knowledge. Entwined around the Tree is a green serpent, a symbol of birth and creation. Care, discernment and Wisdom are needed for the attainment of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. There are many possibilities for these two lovers and there are decisions for them to make.

Now take in a slow deep breath … and as you do so, visualize yourself breathing in life-giving energy … and as you slowly breathe out, relaxing and deepening more and more into your own Knowing and insightfulness and Understanding. Continue to breathe naturally.

Go back to a time in your past, it could be the recent past, or it could be from many years ago when you had to make an important choice in your life. It may have been a choice about whether to get married or not … continuing with a relationship or letting it go … it may have been a career choice, one that would affect the rest of your life … it may have been a choice of living in a particular country or city … it may have been a choice about something else. Go there now … just be with the feelings or emotions that may be there as you continue to breathe freely and easily.

The Lovers stand naked and innocent in the Garden of Eden, and yet there’s a choice to be made that could take away their innocence forever.

Now, as you continue to reflect on that time in your life and what led you to make that choice, was it your rational thinking mind … your sense of duty or responsibility … or did you make that choice following your heart’s desire? However you made that choice, was it the correct one for you … as you continue to reflect in your peaceful sanctuary?

Take in another slow deep breath and breathe in love and compassion for yourself. And as you breathe out, accept that whatever choice you made at the time was within your Awareness then … and continue to breathe freely and easily, just being aware of the impact of your choice, but not condemning or berating yourself for the outcome of that choice, or how it manifested.

Now, let those memories fade and take your Awareness into your heart. As you breathe in, breathe into your heart all the choices you ever made in your life … you don’t have to remember each one. And, as you breathe out, surround all those choices with love flowing from your heart. As you continue to breathe, breathe into your heart all of your life’s choices, so of which were very hard for you … and as you breathe out, fill those choices with loving energy pouring from your heart, continuing to breathe naturally.

There may be a choice in your life that is calling for your decision now. You have chosen The Lovers and it is never by accident that archetypes appear to help guide and expand our Consciousness at just the right time.

If there is a choice you are in the process of making, go there now. If you do not have to make a decision right now, imagine a situation that could come into your life where you would have to make a choice. Go there now.

Take a deep breath, breathing in all of the way down into your belly, breathing in all the Wisdom and Discernment. And, as you breathe out, continue to relax and deepen more and more … and when you have done that, just continue to breathe naturally to your own rhythm.

Still holding that choice, reflect on that now. Let go of the logical, rational reasoning mind and feel what is in your heart. Can you follow your heart and take a risk that could lead to greater happiness and emotional fullfillment, or will you remain dutiful out of fear of upsetting the status quo?

When you bring The Lovers into your life, it is an indication to let your heart rule your head, to trust your intuitive knowing … a change in attitude on your behalf will lead to happier times. It is important that whatever choice you make, you don’t take it lightly as the ramifications of your choice will be lasting. Sometimes, there is a call to leave The Garden to experience life in greater depth. If that impulse is there now, know too that when you follow your heart or your bliss you will always be supported. You will attract the forces in your life that will open you to your greatest potential.

Now,let the image of the choice that you will have to make or about to make to gently fade.

And taking into a deep breath, breathe into your heart … and as you breathe out, feel your heart fill with love … and continue to breathe naturally.

Now visualize the Angel in the Lovers card, smiling at you with great love and looking over you as your Guide and support, who will always be with you as you climb the mountains of life.

It is time now for you to leave your peaceful sanctuary … knowing that you can come here any time you wish.

And now … becoming aware of yourself sitting on the chair or on the cushion on the floor … gently wiggling your fingers … slowly moving your head from side to side … becoming aware of your feet and wiggling your toes … and very, very slowly, opening your eyes.

Take a deep and clearing breath and stretch your whole body, if that feels good for you.


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