The Progress of the Soul

By  Michael Topper

“We well know the law of 3rd density: No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. It should be obvious that this is a function of perception. Perception determines the outline of what’s to stand as an object. In 3rd density, objects are mutually exclusive and define one another by contrast – by their differences. Perception of unity is a function of higher density cognition. It requires the use of faculties that are presently recessed in our being, and only occasionally accessed.

When, through spiritual practice or discipline performed on this plane, we perceive the luminous wholeness of separate objects, we are experiencing a momentary coordination with energies belonging to other densities and drawn into our frame of reference.

3rd density is the level where consciousness awakens to itself by a process of modeled approximations of things out there. That is to say that the internal dialogue of the soul is verbalized by the symbols of the world – the reality in which we live and move and have our being.

The potential of 3rd density is pure awareness of consciousness itself without the need for descriptions or models out there. This is why the 3rd density level of consciousness is a critical threshold. Its potential clarity about its own existence is what aligns it with higher density consciousness. If it can correctly read the symbols of reality and align itself with them, even though they are a mask, the currents of being become stronger.

Thus we see that this is a very decisive stage in soul-realization. And we understand that the soul development is in the hands of the consciousness unit itself; dependent upon its accuracy in reading the symbols and aligning properly. This is the process of polarization.

The problem is: the soul is conditioned by inbuilt patterns of survival, ritual, reproduction and power-acquisition developed on the basis of lower density influences, i.e. the material world, i.e. the Predator’s mind, i.e. ego separative-survival consciousness. These are enforced through the basal-brain lobes of the Reptilian complex and the correlating abdominal centers of the autonomic currents in the mind/body.

What beckons the 3rd density consciousness is the intimations of the higher densities of intelligence and life. These intimations can be received in varying strengths and levels based upon the level of congruence or alignment of the individual with the symbols of their life which are there to inform them of what is really being said at the higher levels of their being.

So, we see that the lessons of 4th density (“graduating” from 3rd density) are these simple understandings relating to correctly reading the symbols of our reality and aligning ourselves with them by application of our knowledge and awareness. This involves constant work in adjusting, shifting, and realigning ourselves in experimental feedback maneuvers, which generate an ongoing adventure in God seeking.

We may understand the business of the densities by analogy with Rubik’s Cube. The minimal threshold level of 3rd density consciousness is like being at the center of the Cube, which represents our self-reflection in the outer world, which is given to us in a maximum state of disorder. This means that everything we perceive is received through distorted patterns of a maze.

We must keep in mind that this distorted pattern of our reality is for purposes of catalyst, or forced choices. Being in a maze generates the necessity of choice. Since Unity is not perceived in this reality, the consciousness unit, or soul, is confronted with the requirement of assessing the implications of all interaction with other beings and situations, and of choosing an orientation on the basis of that personal assessment.

Given a full complement of rational and intuitive faculties (which self-aware consciousness develops by trial and error in the beginning), the soul may learn to function in alignment with an underlying principle of unity; it sees difference as many aspects of one; and each is valued. This learning is accomplished by either experimental reflection and analysis of consequences, or it may reject the evidence of the objective reality and choose instead to cling to its own version of truth, seeking ever to impose this on the reality, choosing to see that unity can only be by elimination of difference [i.e. the “disease” of homogenization and distorted view of “equality” as we see manifested in various religious and political systems, i.e. Collectivism (and the opposite side of the same coin: Nationalism) and group/hive mind consciousness, degrading and disempowering the Individual under the pretext of “for the better good of all”], the arbiter of what is the right way, being, of course, the subjective view of such a consciousness.

The work of crystallizing these two extremes of polarization is the real and underlying business of 3rd density. We live our myriad rounds of incarnation through this density, preserved between incarnations as a memory record of these identification patterns coded in the soul matrix, in order to produce this polarization to one side of the self equation or the other. i.e. Service to Self (STS) or Service to Others (STO).

The inference is, of course, that the balancing mechanism of karma does not merely serve the rectification process of our many spiritual teachings, but actually serve to harmonize the soul in objective understanding of unity of all (STO), or to consolidate a contractile soul that refuses repeatedly to see difference as many aspects of the One, and chooses instead to seek to make all One by eliminating differences (STS).

The level of the soul’s ability to align in one way or the other via will, is the measure of it’s “harvestability” (“ascension”) to 4th density at the end of each master cycle which, according to many sources, is the period in which we live at present.

“Harvestability” is the ripeness of the soul to proceed by virtue of the intensity with which it holds its view of reality. This means that subjective, one-pointed devotion to Love of Self – manifested as preference of the self’s view of reality over and above whatever the objective reality may actually manifest – is capable of achieving a dedicated integration. It is as though such a soul makes absolutely no attempt to sort and work with the confused faces of Rubik’s Cube; it makes no effort to learn how to work with the symbols, but steadfastly recoils in the center of the cube, believing that the faces of the cube are aligned and that it’s belief makes it an objective fact [i.e. wishful thinking, i.e. the fallacy of – there is only “my” and “your” truth -].

This is the essence of (narcissistic) Love of Self. And such a consciousness backs its choice by godly justifications. It seeks to be saved [resulting in authoritarianism, need/want to be “governed”, need for government/religion and external authority], i.e. have the cube aligned for it by an outside agency that will come rushing to its aid if it manifests enough love and faith with its open and bleeding heart.

Such a soul, persisting in its love and faith against the clues and hints of the symbol system of reality, is wide open for subsumation into a hierarchy of negative beings who are firmly convinced that what they are doing is “for the good of humanity” [Stockholm Syndrome].”


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